S.O.S Tax offers a variety of services to keep your business in good fiscal order. We offer a variety of accounting packages, to help you with payroll, accounts receivables, capital gains, income tax, sales tax, financial statements, financial consulting and much more.

We also help you start your corporation, and all the necessary licenses to operate legally.

S.O.S Tax can assist with income tax returns or inquiries, audit preparation and representation, group health insurance, and financial planning.

Audit Representations

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Anyone can be audited at any given time for whatever reason, and standing in front of an IRS agent can be scary. S.O.S Tax professionals will advise you and help you prepare for an audit or even represent you in the audit so that you don’t have to deal with anything. Whether it is a […]


ITIN San Diego

S.O.S Tax offers a variety of services for non-residents. These may be ITIN number filings, opening a company to solicit different types of working visas, and consulting to analyze what kind of benefits you may receive by opening a business in the United States.

Income Tax

income tax san diego

S.O.S Tax is capable of submitting any income tax returns with any forms required to do so. Some of the most common forms would be the 1040, 1099’s, Power of Attorney, Home Sales, Sch A through D, Unemployment, ITIN, etc…

Incorporation Services

incorporation services san diego

S.O.S Tax may incorporate you as an LLC or a Corporation in any part of the United States and with the services we include but are not limited to, the procedures for all operational licenses, a full analysis on which type of entity would be best for your type of business, and the corporate binder […]

Accounting & Bookkeeping

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S.O.S Tax offers different packages which may include monthly financial statements, reminder of due dates for tax payments, unlimited consulting by phone, sales tax (monthly and quarterly), advice on any tax related notices, bank account reconciliations, and payroll (paystubs, monthly employer payments, quarterly returns, W-2’s and W3).